Experience Lindt

This is the ultimate chocolate delight brought to you by our passionate Maître Chocolatiers. Since 1845, our exquisite creations have provided moments of bliss for you to savour.

What is the Lindt Difference?

It’s the high quality of our ingredients, the care and skill that goes into crafting each chocolate, and – most importantly – our chocolate’s smooth texture and glossy finish. That’s what makes us so unique.

Discover our Newest Creation

Conjured fresh from the kitchen, Lindor Salted Caramel laces smooth milk chocolate with buttery caramel and salt flakes to create an enhanced bittersweet flavour.

Taste our newest creations

At Lindt, we are always thinking of novel ways to delight the senses. We’ve topped our 70% chocolate bars with candied fruit, caramel slivers and sea salt flakes for flavours you can see and a textural sensation you’ll love.

It’s all in the conching

There’s a reason Lindt chocolate is so smooth. Invented by Rodolphe Lindt in 1879, the conching process revolutionised the chocolate industry. Continuously stirring chocolate for over 72 hours created a chocolate so fine that it could melt completely on the tongue.

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Lindt Chocolates Factory

Our Story

It all began in 1845 in a small confectionary shop in Zurich. Here David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his son, Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann first produced chocolate in solid form. Since then our chocolate has been continuously perfected, becoming what it is today: creamy and rich. An incomparable taste.

Our Ethos

Quality doesn’t come from taste alone. At Lindt we pride ourselves on knowing that our cocoa beans are sustainably and ethically sourced. That’s why we implemented our own sustainable sourcing model, the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program.
Lindt Chocolate Beans

Perfect pairings

For added depth and a more complex flavour, savour our dark chocolate with a carefully curated selection of coffees, teas and wines – like our much-loved Excellence Orange Intense with a Bolivia Copacabana macchiato. Discover more pairings with Lindt.


Need a recommendation? Pop into one of our many Lindt stores and get tailored advice from our chocolate experts. Experience the world of Lindt in person.

For everything chocolate 

Experience our nine-metre tall chocolate fountain when you visit us at the soon-to-open Lindt Home of Chocolate in Zürich, Switzerland. Boasting interactive exhibits, a research facility and its very own Chocolateria for chocolate courses, this is a memorable outing for the whole family.

Bake with us

Become inspired by our chocolate range and test some of our most beloved recipes. Bake the Maître Chocolatier way and then enjoy your creations!

Discover our vegan-friendly products

Chocolate should be shared by everyone. Browse our dark chocolate products for vegan-friendly options so everybody can savour the taste.

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