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EXCELLENCE 100% Bar 50g

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Lindt EXCELLENCE 100% Cacao Dark Chocolate is made for the adventurous chocolate lover. This full-bodied bar of pure cacao has complex notes of toasted walnut, tart red berries, and of course, pure unsweetened cocoa. Its dark colour and earthy undertones make for an intense tasting experience. This robust chocolate leaves lingering flavours on the palate and melts slowly, with a very small hint of sweetness as it dissipates. The rich flavours in this bar also make it an excellent choice for use in cooking. SWEETNESS: 0/5 – INTENSITY: 5/5 – NOTES: Toasted walnut, Red berries, Pure cocoa, Coffee, Plums, Black currants – PAIRINGS: Sweetened coffee, Strawberries, Zinfandel,

Nutrition Facts:

Energy (kJ) 2547
Energy (Kcal) 618
Fat(g) 55
- of which saturates(g) 33
Carbohydrate(g) 8,8
- of which sugars(g) 1,2
Protein(g) 12,1
Salt(g) 0,05


Ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, fat-reduced cocoa.
Allergens: May contain NUTS, MILK and SOYA.
Cocoa Solids %: Dark chocolate contains 100% cocoa solids.

Tasting Notes

As the name and the cocoa percentage suggests, this is a pure, robust, yet masterfully crafted taste experience.Despite being 100% made of cocoa, the aroma is surprisingly sweet, balanced and decadently rich with wonderful cocoa tones.

A smooth, velvety melt on your palate gives way to stunning earthy, roasted notes, powerful cocoa flavour and hints of toasted walnuts and citrus developing into red berries.

The Ristretto of the fine chocolate world, providing an intriguing, complex and intense discovery for the purists.


Robust, roasted cocoa with toasted walnuts and citrus


Earthy, roasted with notes of citrus and red berries

From the Maitre

The pure and unadulterated flavour of cocoa. Skillfully balanced, this chocolate melts surprisingly creamy on the palate. With the earthy tones and smokiness you can almost picture the cocoa beans sun drying at the plantation. With the trademark smooth finish, this is a true celebration of fine cocoa.

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