Discover Lindt Excellence

Dark and aromatic, each Excellence bar is created from the finest cocoa and the highest quality ingredients. With rich flavour profiles, a smooth, even texture and silky sheen, these delicately thin bars excite and entice the senses.

Milk Chocolate With a Twist

Excellence Milk Chocolate blends a higher cocoa percentage into our classic smooth milk chocolate for an even richer flavour. It gives the pleasure of milk chocolate with the benefits of high cocoa.

The Highest Form of Excellence

We have been perfecting the art of chocolate for decades. Over the years our passion has intensified. Our Master Chocolatiers have now crafted a collection of the finest chocolate bars using only the highest quality ingredients - creating chocolate perfection. Experience Excellence for yourself.

Master Chocolatier with chocolate bar.
The Master Chocolatier's Method

Taste with 5 senses

Our chocolate is crafted to indulge all your senses. From the silky shine to the full-bodied cocoa aroma, moving on to the crisp snap as you break into our exquisite Excellence bars, building up to tasting the extraordinary flavours of our luxurious bars. Why? Because fine chocolate is best tasted the Master Chocolatier way – with all five senses...

The Lindt Difference

The journey from bean to bar – to you

At Lindt we take pride in every part of our chocolate making process – and have done since 1845. We are one of the precious few large manufacturers that produce chocolate from bean to bar. This gives us control over every step of the journey, including the finer details that make us so special, to guarantee we produce the finest quality chocolate. Every time.

Conching machine filled with dark chocolate.
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